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The Different Types of Slot Machine Games

There are good reasons why gamblers love to play the game of slot. Despite its higher house edge there is no way to stop gamblers to try out and continue playing the slots game.

It is probably mainly due to the simple way of playing slots. Just insert the coins, pull the lever and the game of slot will be in full swing. No complicated bets to place and no skills required from its players in order to play the slot machine.

Not only does its simplicity make the slot machine attractive to gamblers. It also offers a variety of prizes and bonus plays to win at different heights of excitement thereby making the game of slot machines a bankable and most played casino game.

Because the gambling industry is advancing towards a modern technology, the game of slot also grows in terms of its game structures. There are different types of slot games that offer continuous entertainment among slot gamblers.

One is the traditional slot machine that was the original slot machine version with a lever on the right side of the machine that once pulled by the player will cause the mechanical reels to spin. This machine is often called as the one-arm bandit game because of this lever.

The traditional slot machine has limited number of three reels only that display the fruit symbols hence this slot machine type is also tagged as fruit machine. Casinos often retain the lever on their modern slot machines knowing that this adds an additional exciting experience to slot players but the mechanical reels are often replaced with virtual reels shown on the screen.

The modern versions of slot machine consisting of virtual reels to play are called the video slot machines that are the computerized slot machine versions. It gives a more interactive play to the slot machine player with slot games that can be played in similar manner as playing video games with additional numerous bonus plays to win.

The online slots are another type of slot machine games that are represented digitally and are played over the Internet. It offers playing convenience as the player does not necessarily need to go to casinos to play their favorite game of slot.

Another interesting game of slot machine is the progressive slot game that gives its players the opportunity to win huge amount of jackpot prize to be won. The jackpot involved is bigger than any single game of slot machine since it continuously grows until it is won.

A common system with the progressive slot machine games will involve a network of several slot machines that are connected to a single server with a growing jackpot that can change the life of its winner.

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