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Helpful Slots Play Terminology

Playing slots is both fun and lucrative if we know how to play with the odds. To understand how the game is won we have to begin with the basics, like slots play terminology.

"Jackpots" are, of course, the best part of a slots play. The jackpots themselves involve certain understanding of slots play terminology, like the way the "bonuses" work. Jackpots and bonuses are activated by having specific symbols appear on the slots window. The right combinations - like three lemons or three strawberries - win a jackpot. With bonuses, we are made to select items from those seen on a screen. Items correspond to certain points that in turn correspond to rewards. Some bonuses are mechanically triggered as we spin wheels, for instance.

An electronic "candle" on top of a machine lights up when change coins or a direct payout is needed. It is a slots play terminology that also signals that the machine has some trouble. This gives the machine operator a hint to answer the need pronto so that slots play will be more convenient. The "carousel" means a group or cluster of slot machines forming a circle or oval in a wide area in the casino.

A "coin hopper" is a coin holder where payouts for jackpots are derived. It is mechanically triggered and arranges coins in rotation to be released into a tray when a player opts for the "cash out" button, another slots play terminology when we choose to take credits or coins from the machine. The "coin diverter" takes care of coins that exceed the machine capacity and transfer them to what thy call "drop bucket" (for low denominated slots) or sometimes "drop box" (for high denominated slots) found under the machine.

Another slots play terminology referring to the jackpot capacity of a machine (this is what we should look for first before using a machine) is the "credit meter." It tells us how much a machine can pay us in a win. "EGM" means Electronic Gaming Machine, and refers not only to modern digitized slots but all electronic game devices in the casino. "Hand pay" is a slots play terminology that means a win paid personally by the slots attendant.

Hand pays are necessary when the win is too short of the minimum or too big from the maximum the machine is expected to payout. Hand pays are also necessary when the win warrants tax deduction on the spot.

The above are some of the important slots play terminology we must know.

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