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The Best Free Slots, Traditional Slots and Five Reel Slots

Nobody remembers anymore the days when the slot machines would need a five horse powered motor to run. The slot machine of today has evolved so much and yet has retained some of the basic things from centuries past that we love. There are many variations of slot machines and among them are: free slots, traditional slots and the five reel slots.

The term "free slot" seems tempting enough to get any person off the street and start playing. Well the truth of the matter is, free slots are now being offered left and right as the online gambling industry becomes even more competitive. Other names for free slots are practice games or fun games. The attraction to free slots is that we get to enjoy the game for free. However, because they don't cost us anything, if we hit a winning combination, we also don't get to enjoy winnings. What's the point then in playing with free slots? Well, free slots let us practice before the big game. For newbies, free slots give us that opportunity to familiarize ourselves with our chosen game so that when we decide to play the game for real money, we are prepared. Free slots are the best way to practice our skills and strategies.

Believe it or not, traditional slots are a lot closer than we can imagine to the very first slot machines. Remember, the very first slot machines date back to the late 1800s. Traditional slots are similar to these early slot machines in the sense that they also have 3 reels and a single payline. The good thing with traditional slots is that the player has the option to either play the machine using a single coin or several. The player must keep in mind though that to win in traditional slots, it's always a good idea to increase one's wager and play with multiple coins. Traditional slots are all around us in many forms and many varieties. Some examples of traditional slots are Wow Pot and Pharaoh's Fortune.

When someone says five reel slots, we can already picture what these slot machines look like. True to its name, the five reel slots have five reels, so there's an extra two as compared to the traditional slot. Many slot players like five reel slots because it makes the excitement of playing this game go up a notch. Five reel slots are said to be better when it comes to generating the winning combinations and most of the video slots we see are five reel slots.

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